enhanced interrogation techniques

I wonder if tickling terrorists to get them to rat out their terrorist friends would be ok?

Ask yourself where you would draw the line in the following imaginary scenario…
Both of your daughters are kidnapped. You notify the FBI. A ransom demand is made. The terms of the ransom demand are not met based on the advice of the FBI. Photos arrive of your daughters bound and gagged along with a new ransom demand indicating where the ransom better be and what time it better be there. You acquiesce to the ransom and make arrangements to pay it at the appointed time. The FBI does its best to follow the kidnapper who retrieved the ransom in the hope of finding and rescuing your daughters, but the kidnapper doesn’t lead them to the location of your daughters. A decision is made to arrest the one kidnapper who’s whereabouts they know in the hope that during the interrogation they will learn the location of your daughters. You receive a new photo which clearly shows that one of your daughters has been murdered and that if the kidnapper is not immediately released with the ransom, the other will be promptly dispatched. The FBI informs you that they are unable to extract a location for your daughter from the kidnapper and they do not believe further interrogation will change anything – the guy will not talk. A decision must be made. Release or not? The kidnappers have already demonstrated their capacity for murder. On the other hand, there is no reason to believe that if you acquiesce they will live up to their word. In fact, the FBI has evidence that in previous kidnappings by the same gang the victims have been killed after ransom has been paid. The decision is made to further interrogate the one kidnapper in custody. Somehow you find yourself in the room alone with the kidnapper. Where do you draw the line in what you would do to get the location from him?

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