that is exactly his intention

Asked about the importance of bipartisan support for a bill in which divisions between the parties are only growing deeper, Gibbs said:

“The president is going to evaluate ultimately any piece of legislation as to whether it meets his goals and principles for health-care reform… The president’s goal is not to print a banner and sign a bill just so somebody can say we’ve reformed health care.”

From the Chicago Tribune

Bullshit.  The banners, t-shirts and bumper stickers are probaly already at the printer.  This is exactly what he is going to do.  AND it is a classic example of doublespeak on the part of the administration.  Ironically it’s happening right in the middle of Obama’s emphasis and focus on “myth, lies and disinformation”.  Evidently his administration will stoop to any level to accomplish their goals.  Really, it’s shameful.

If a healthcare bill passes at all (which is increasingly unlikely) Obama will take credit for acting on a campaign promise while passing the buck to Congress for “watering it down”.

Talk about being “wee-weed up”.  Recently the bill was referred to as Obama’s Waterloo.  It just may be.

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