he’s so transparent you can see right through him

In a typical display of doublespeak we get this from President Obama via MSNBC:

“We will achieve our goal of making this administration the most open and transparent administration in history,” President Obama said on Friday.

“Americans have a right to know whose voices are being heard in the policymaking process,” he added.

Well, maybe not so much.  As a citizen your transparency will begin September 15.  White Houes visitors for the first eight months of Obama’s administration will remain secret.  And the transparency thing?  Well, the visitor logs will be made available 90-120 days after the visits.  Visits to President Obama or Vice-President Biden which are deemed “personal” won’t be released to the public.

You see when Bush wouldn’t release visitor logs Obama criticized him promising transparency but, like all things  Obama, the meaning of words is defined by him based on context.  You (and most other Americans) might think “transparency” means openess, communication and accountibility.  Well, you’d be wrong there bud..

Lets define what he actually said in the above quote and you’ll see where you went wrong.  In my mind, “transparency” and “pregnancy” are definite in the sense that the condition exists or it doesn’t.  Try imagining what “most pregnant” would mean. Then there’s the qualifier “policymaking process” when it comes to your “right to know whose voices are being heard”.

Oh yeah.  Lest you delude yourself into thinking that President Obama is just ticking another item off his list of campaign promisess:

The Administration has also agreed with Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics (CREW) to settle four pending cases requesting specific White House visitor access records, including those dating from the Bush administration (read the transmittal letter here). We have provided CREW with the records relating to their requests….

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