this could bring down the president

The video exposes (at least 5) of ACORN could bring down President Obama.  At the very least, it will ring the death knell for obamacare.

There are many, many videos on the net of President Obama telling ACORN leaders that they will have a “seat at the table”.  Couple that with the fact that he actually worked with them and you have a real “game-changer” as Obama would say.  My guess is the the White House staff is working full-time, to the exclusion of EVERYTHING else to find a way to spin what Obama has said and to distance him from this bunch of lying, cheating miscreants.

wright-and-obamaHe, through his solid connections to ACORN, is now tainted with tax evasion, slavery, prostitution, gaming the system, fraud, voter fraud(they’re currently being investigated in about 14 states), and who knows what else.  How is he going to get out of this one?  Claim he didn’t know?  Too late, he’s already used that “get out of jail free” care with Jeremiah Wright.  No one believed him then, and trying to pull that again will only certify him as a liar.  His only real choice is to throw them under the bus like he did with Van Jones and Wright.  However, they don’t seem like the types to go quietly.  And, there you have the Obama conundrum.

obamaacornWhat to do?  What to do?  Well obviously he has to distance himself from them somehow.  And then, I predict, the whole thing will become yet another “distraction” from obamacare formulated by the Republicans (code for whites).  This is going to turn into a huge oboner.

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