Yesterday in discussing the DART debacle over the Texas-OU weekend, Jeff Bolton (KLIF morning talk show host) suggested that the problem could have been alleviated by assigning a couple dozen buses as back up and giving them bus-only lanes. Today he commented on statements made on the DART website proposing exactly that solution. He commented “Oh really? Where did you hear that idea yesterday?”

I understand Jeff’s frustration with having his ideas used without acknowledgement of them.

A few weeks ago I wrote an article critical of Jeff Bolton’s website The article appeared on a number of sites. I received quite a few comments. Not all were very well thought out, but they were all civil. Since I’m pretty sure those comments all came from Jeff’s fans I was favorably impressed with my little sample and believe it is a direct reflection of the way Jeff conducts himself on his show. He is a gentleman. I feel comfortable in stretching that a little farther to say that in my opinion, he is having a positive impact on polite debate in Dallas.

The first comment I received was from Cliff Sosamon. I am of the opinion that Cliff is an integral part of He didn’t say that in his repsonse to my post, but I think I recall Jeff mentioning a “Cliff” in relation to blowoutcongress. Maybe I’m wrong, but I’ve got a feeling… I once wrote to with some suggestions regarding the site and the unsigned response (a tiny bit snotty) I got was quite similar in tone to the response Cliff sent to my article. It’s not important, its just a feeling. I’m always a little bothered when people are secretive.

I responded to all the comments. I was polite and took the effort to explain myself in the hope that those who wrote would clearly understand my position.

Lo and behold. For the last couple weeks Jeff has been talking about a new, related site – I recall Jeff saying something about the site which made me think it was more along the lines of keeping the good congresspeople and getting rid of the poor performers if the good ones would stipulate that they would support things like term limits. That’s much more in line with something I could support.

There’s this tiny, niggling thing though. The timing of my article, Cliff’s rebuttal and the announcement of leads me to suspect that perhaps – just maybe – my article caused some rethinking, re-evaluation and re-focusing. If that’s true it would have been nice to get an acknowledgement of the value of considered criticism. Just a little “thank you” maybe…

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