Let the contractors and the unions step up.

There’s a lot of controversy surrounding the building of a mosque a couple blocks away from the biggest American tragedy in recent history.

Our constitution guarantees the right to build the mosque.

But nothing guarantees that Americans must actually do the work. What if the builders couldn’t contract with a General Contractor? What if no materials suppliers sold them materials? What if the unions refused to work on the site?

If there was enough publicity surrounding the contract, no contractor in his right mind would take the job. The demonstations sure to accompany the building would be enough to guarantee that the completion date would never be met and punitive measures related to finishing on time would be impossible to avoid.

What concrete company would have the nerve to risk ever getting another contract? What about steel suppliers? It takes lot of materials to build a 13-story building. If they have to be brought in from the Middle East it’s going to cost a lot. And maybe the dock-workers would refuse to unload it. Then what? What if the trash haulers refused to haul the construction debris away? What if the lunch trucks refused to serve the laborers?

This would be a great opportunity for unions to show that their members are American Patriots and that their patriotism takes precedence over one job. Refuse to work there! Sure there are lots of Americans out of work right now, but just because you’re out of work doesn’t mean you’d be willing to work at something seen as anti-American.

What building inspector is not going to go over that place with a view towards sticking to the letter of the building code?

The entire project could be (already is) cast as anti-American. Who wants to be seen aiding and abetting this sort of in-your-face insult to the victims, the families of the victims, the service men and women who have lost their lives in the War Against Terror or the families of those service-people.

I guess Obama could assign the Corps of Engineers to build it. He is after all the Commander-in-Chief.

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