Equal Opportunity

It is interesting to me that those who demand equal representation in business, government and politics  based solely on race or gender don’t seem to have the same attitude when it comes to other areas.

For example.  When is the last time you heard anyone suggest that women should be playing in the NBA?  Or the NFL.  Why not?  Well the truthful answer would be that they can’t compete against much larger and faster men.  Technically that would make them incompetent (not qualified or suited for a particular purpose).  Everyone knows it and everyone accepts it – in sports competition.  What do suppose the comments would be toward someone who suggested that because certain West Africans were genetically better-suited to long distance running that they should be in a separate class of runners.  Don’t they have an unfair advantage contained in their genes?  An unfair advantage is the basis in forbidding performance-enhancing drug users isn’t it?

To me, the best system is one where the best person for the job gets it.  Race, gender, height, weight, sexual proclivities, religion and other such characteristics should not be considered.  Just give me the best person for the job.  How does being homosexual have any relevance to an accountant?  Yet if a homosexual were running for the office of State Controller it would almost certainly be a factor as far as the opposition was concerned.

Really, you shouldn’t have it both ways – if you want equality based upon equal representation then apply the standard everywhere – in sports, politics, religion, business, government, universities, etc.

In my view that would be as stupid as requiring MIT or Stanford to educate the mentally challenged and give up places in programs which could be occupied by those who could really put that learning to use for our nation.  Or requiring the NBA to have equal representation among all races and genders – that would lead to some pretty dull games I think.  Not to mention bringing down the high-standard for playing to a much lower standard.

How would you like to find out that your surgeon was graduated from med school because she matched a particular “equality” requirement and not necessarily because she met the same standards as all the other graduates?  Wouldn’t you rather have the person who was the best at their specialty regardless of race or gender?  If you were in a serious car wreck would you want to be attended to by the first EMS person who could get there?  Or would you rather wait for the one who matched your diversity criteria?

Success Starts with Opportunity. I agree unequivocally with that statement.  However, I think it should go on to say and is achieved with Ability. In order to be fair and equal to everyone, everyone must have equal opportunity to both try and to fail.  We cannot, as a people, continue to allow some to believe that Equal Opportunity will, or should guarantee Equal Results.

I take full responsibility for my own opinions, comments and slurs against asshats.  I'm just another guy with just another opinion. Although, I may be turning into my father who my mother always said was 'the world's foremost authority."

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