An open letter to Gary M. Rodkin, Chairman Conagra Foods

Dear sir.

I love corned beef hash.  Recently I bought 4 cans of Libby’s Corned Beef Hash at my local Kroger store.  They had several choices, but I chose Libby’s.

It was absolutely awful.

It looked and smelled like dog food.  I can’t say it tasted like dog food because I’ve never eaten dog food.  Frankly I think even a dog would turn up it’s nose at this stuff.

I know Conagra is a huge corporation.  You probably have an executive dining room.  I’d like to suggest that you begin serving your own products in your dining room.  Maybe if you and your executive team tasted the crap you’re selling to the public things might improve.

Having eaten the crap you produce for breakfast this morning I can tell you that I don’t feel too well.  Maybe it was the sight and smell of the crap that put me off, or maybe it is the crap itself, but in either case I don’t feel good as a result of eating the crap you produce.  This morning I ate the second of the four cans I bought thinking maybe the problem was just me on that first day.  The results were the same.  I’ve tossed the other two cans in the trash.

You should be ashamed of yourself for selling something like this to the American public.  I sincerely doubt you serve this crap to your own family.  If I were you, I’d be embarrassed.

I submitted a link to this post this morning on your website.  Although I intended it to go to Investor Relations in the hope that you might actually see it, it was re-directed to Consumer Affairs.  I guess you must get a lot of complaints sent to Investor Relations and they would prefer to spend their time seducing investors rather than dealing with the people who buy the products which enable you to earn the profit your investors are interested in.  I doubt anyone other than the Consumer Affairs people will read this and I suspect they are going to want to send me some coupons for more of your crappy food.  Please don’t – I wouldn’t eat it again if it were free.

In fact, the only response I would like is one right here where it can be shared with the public.

I take full responsibility for my own opinions, comments and slurs against asshats.  I'm just another guy with just another opinion. Although, I may be turning into my father who my mother always said was 'the world's foremost authority."

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