as I suspected, it’s another red herring

I went to the U.S. Census for information about Government Employment to get an idea of what percentage of Government (federal, state and local) Employees are actually Police, Firefighters and Teachers because of the constant chatter about how cutting government spending revolves around the firing of Police, Firefighters and Teachers.

Before I go any further, I want to point out that the folder/directory in which this information is held by the U.S. Census is called the “APES” folder/directory.  You may ascribe whatever meaning you choose to that unfortunate directory-naming choice.  Personally I find it hilarious.  For the less computer-adept, click the link and look in your browser address bar.  It’s right there at the end of the URL.

In 2010, of the 3,007,938 Federal Civilian employees, 182,578 are identified as Police. Slightly over 6 percent.

In 2010, of the 3,803,877 State Government employees, 68,083 are identified as Police Officers, no figures were available for state-level firefighters (I suspect there are very, very few), 33,038 are classified as Elementary and Secondary Education Instructional employees (the actual teachers) and 403,654 are classified as Higher Education Instructional employees. Slightly over 13 percent.

In 2010, of the 10,965,982 Local Government employees, 619,734 are identified as Police Officers, 300,021 are identified as Firefighters, 4,369,388 are identified as Elementary and Secondary Instructional employees and 90,262 are identified as Higher Education Instructional employees.  Slightly over 49 percent.

All told, the percentage of Government Employees made up by Police, Firefighters and Teachers is about 34 percent of all Government Employees.  That means that 66 percent (or 2/3) are not Police, Firefighters or Teachers – they’re something else.  If not a single Policeman, Firefighter or Teacher was affected there is still 66% to work with overall.  If you’re working on the Federal employee payroll you’ve got 94% of it to work with.  At the State level you have 87% to work with.  Most of the Police, Firefighters and Teachers are at the Local level.  Yet, there’s still 51% of Local Government employees who are not Police, Firefighters or Teachers.


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