I guess they’ll be happy if someone brings a gun.

UPDATE August 9, 2012:  The post written about below appears to be gone as of this morning.

I regularly review a number of web sites which are mostly neutral to conservative, but a couple liberal ones too.  One of the liberal sites I review daily is The Raw Story.  I like to keep an open mind and in order to do that I feel that I should try to hear both sides of current issues.  But something has come up regarding The Raw Story which I find to be very disturbing.

Every day they have their take on the news.  Every day they post things meant to be embarassing or indicative of hypocrisy among Conservatives.  The stories change daily.

Except for one.  Since Monday, July 23 they have featured the same article EVERY DAY.  “How to legally bring a gun to the Republican National Convention“.

I guess the intent is to persuade some lunatic to kill someone at the Republican National Convention by exposing the “method” to as many people as possible.  Of course most of the people who read The Raw Story are liberals so they’re going to have to find their killer among liberals.  But I think it might work.  Below are a few excerpts from comments on the article:

With any  luck several hundred will be packing, and for reasons unknown something weird happens with a massive shootout ensuing which kills off half the the Republicsum in attendance. And in the wake of this “tragedy” perhaps we can then have a sane discussion regarding gun control.


The republicon party is one giant cuckoos nest.     We have to put a net around it in 2012.     Crazies should not be roaming freely throughout our government and political system.


Bring a gun to the RNC? Hell, I was thinking more along the line of a tank with HE (high explosive for you non-military types) and WP (white phosphorous, also for you non-military people) rounds in the magazine. A flame thrower would also be nice.


Cull the herd.


I’m hoping for as many handguns and as many crazies as possible at the  Republican National Convention. May it be a convention for the history books.


I hope they all bring their guns. Whatever happens happens. These are ppl that are ruled by emotion, who have no need or desire for fact or reason. Let them bring their guns. Let’s go even further and lock the doors of the convention center once they’re all loaded in.


I think an Aurora type incident in the Republican National Convention or perhaps a similar incident in a big church at Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve might get our congress to talk about gun control.

But that might be pie in the sky too…

I could keep going, but I think I’ve illustrated my point adequately.

I take full responsibility for my own opinions, comments and slurs against asshats.  I'm just another guy with just another opinion. Although, I may be turning into my father who my mother always said was 'the world's foremost authority."

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