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I might have gotten a little carried away when I wrote the original post about Chris Stevens yesterday.  I was angry and I didn’t have much time.  Time is important as it is necessary to research more thoroughly.  You may think this is starting to sound like an apology.  If you think that you’ll be disappointed.  I just think I could have done a better job.  So I’m going to clarify a bit now.

I still thing our President is doing a terrible job and should be fired.  But upon reflection I probably shouldn’t have called him a putz.  The Pompous Incompetent would have been a better choice.  I’ve referred to him as the Pompous Incompetent almost from the beginning so I should have stuck with that.

I still think The Pompous Incompetent would like to see our country reduced to the same level as the African countries.  Then we would be “paying our fair share”.  It’s true – misery loves company.  Many of the poor in this country would like to see those who have more be reduced to poverty.  Many of the poor in many of the poorer nations would like to see the United States be reduced to the same state of poverty, corruption and human rights misery as they are in.

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I still think The Pompous Incompetent stuck his nose into the Arab Spring when he should have done nothing.  Nothing at all.  If the people of Libya have the will to revolt, let them revolt.  How is it our affair?  Whether you know it or not, we do not have the means to govern the rest of the world AND the rest of the world has no desire to be ruled by us.  It is not up to us financially support a bunch of people who actually resent our ability to send them Foreign Aid.  Charity begins at home.  Economically, we are going down the tubes.  We need to take care of ourselves if we are to have any hope at all of helping others.  Our resources are not unlimited.  While we’re draining our national pocketbook the Chinese are filling theirs by investing  in places like Africa.  We can’t do that because we don’t have the money – we’re to busy giving it away to corrupt politicians who turn their backs on us at the first opportunity.  If the people of Egypt want to be ruled by the Muslim Brotherhood let them.  They’ll learn soon enough and then they’ll revolt again.  Who are we to say what is or is not the right way to govern?  Our culture provides for a certain form of government acceptable to most of our citizens.  Other cultures provide for other forms of government.

I still think the attacks on our embassies were not related to the stupid movie, but are in fact the work of al Quaida in memory of their success on 9/11.  Blaming (the norm for The Pompous Incompetent) it on the stupid movie is nothing more than an attempt to shift the focus away from the fact that the Foreign Policy of The Pompous Incompetent has weakened the United States in the eyes of world.  Weakened us to the the extent that bloodthirsty Islamist terrorists attack us with impunity.  The Pompous Incompetent infers that they will pay the price for their actions.   Camelcrap!  We will not be invading Libya or Yemenor anyplace else as long as The Pompous Incompetent is in office.  We will rely on them to tell us they’ve caught the perpetrators and appropriately dealt with them.  Again, Camelcrap!  They won’t be dealt with because those charged with dealing with them are not going to risk their own necks or the necks of their families.  Remember we’re talking about a culture where it is not unheard of to wipe out the entire family of your enemy.  Honestly answer this question for yourself:  If Ronald Reagan were President today how do you think he would respond to the murder of a United States Ambassador?

I still think The Pompous Incompetent should spend more time attending his daily Intelligence Briefings and less time on the golf course.  He has attended less than half of them because he is soooo smart he doesn’t need them.

I think The U.S. Marines should be protecting ALL of our embassies and security for U.S. Embassies shouldn’t be farmed out to the lowest bidding private contractor.

EDIT September 14, 2012.  THIS is what the murdering savages are all worked up about.  Can you believe the idiocy of the either the “movie” or the morons who would get worked up about it?  Doesn’t say much for Islam does it?

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