Get the PUTZ out of office before we all have to move to Africa where they have a 30-year head start on his anti-colonialism agenda.

Obama, the PUTZ, strikes again.  For the first time since 1979  (when Carter was in office) an American Ambassador has been killed.  This time it was Chris Stevens.  Obama appointed Stevens in January of this year.  Prior to that he was an ENVOY TO THE REBELS.  That’s right, the rebels.  Although Gadhafi had been tamed when President Reagan shot a missile up his ass and was behaving himself towards the US, the PUTZ saw fit to support the rebels to overthrow him.  Because the PUTZ knows more than anyone about anything he, in all his wisdom and experience, decided that the world would be better off without Gadhafi and with the Muslim-Brotherhood-supported-Arab-Spring rebels.  We can all see how well that’s working out.  But Chris Stevens can’t see it.  BECAUSE HE WAS KILLED BY CRAZY ISLAMISTS!

In the meantime, the PUTZ and his Secretary of State are making sure we don’t hurt the feelings of the rebel managers of Libya by blaming them for the events which took place on their watch.  No.  We don’t want to hurt their feelings.  Instead of “kicking ass and taking names” he’s worried about their feelings.  Where’s Mr I-Killed-bin-Laden now?   I’ll tell you where he is – he’s on the campaign trail doing his level best to give himself another four years of blaming everything on the evil United States, his predecessors and the Republicans.  Yesterday our Embassy issued an apology for the actions of some nutjob Florida preacher.  The nutjob preacher’s maniacal ravings might have offended some of our more sensitive Muslims. We wouldn’t want that.  Oh no.  We have to be sure no one, no where, at any time hurts the feelings of those sensitive Muslims.

The PUTZ apparently couldn’t be bothered to attend his daily Intelligence Briefings for the last week so he probably wasn’t aware this situation was building up.  If he had known, he probably could have donned his cape and swooped in to fix it.   It’s probably Hillary’s fault.  Or maybe it’s President Bush’s fault.  Or maybe it’s the evil Republicans.  No, it’s probably ROMNEY.  Yeah, that’s the ticket.  Romney.  Maybe even Ann Romney.  Or Romney’s kids.

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