Romney’s magnificent strategy.

Mitt Romney is proving to be a spectacular strategist.  This shouldn’t really come as any surprise given his successful background, but it is a joy to watch.  I’m going to make a prediction here regarding the second Presidential debate.  Romney will absolutely hammer the Benghazi debacle over and over again.  Obama will not be able to escape his mis-handling of the entire affair which led up to the murder of Chris Stevens, nor will he be able to escape his lame attempts to cover up his mis-handling and his attempted manipulation of the facts to lay the blame on a stupid video that no one watched.

Here’s my prediction for the second debate.  Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi.

Here’s my prediction of how it will go down:

Having had his ass handed to him in the first debate, Obama’s handlers have to be focusing on training the President not to be pwned again by Romney in the next debate.  This means Obama has to be aggressive in his comments, points and in the way that he attempts to manage the moderator.  I predict he will come off looking petty and whiny while at the same time seriously botching his explanation of the events which led up to Benghazi.  He will look un-presidential.  He will blame others for his errors.  And again, he’ll look like the weakling his is.  No teleprompter = no hope for Obama.

Here is how Romney is setting it up so that it can go down as described above:

PORT ST. LUCIE, FL - OCTOBER 07:  Republican p...

Today Romney will give a major speech on Foreign Policy.  From now until the debate he will pound his brilliant new slogan into the minds of the American Public – “Hope is not a strategy”.   He will announce HIS plan and Obama will immediately be put on the defensive.  Obama will be forced to spend his time and credibility attempting to show what is wrong with Romney’s plan while Romney will pound him over and over again on the subject of Benghazi.  Again, Obama will look lost.  He’ll look lost because he will be lost without his teleprompter.

Basically Romney will hammer home the fact that Obama is incompetent.  He won’t use the word “incompetent”, but that will be the message.

After getting his ass kicked again, what will the excuses be from the Obama team this time?  Who will they blame this time?

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