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In the wake of the murders at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CN some are calling for teachers in our schools to be armed. I have some thoughts on that idea.

First, I have to say that it worries me.  The reason it worries me is that teachers are frequently attacked in our schools today.  I suspect that in some schools, armed teachers would be overcome, disarmed and then a student  already inside a school and already past any sort of metal detector would have a gun.  It already happens to police frequently and they are trained to handle physical confrontations.  According to,

In November, the Department of Justice’s Bureau of Justice Statistics and the Department of Education’s National Center for Education Statistics quietly released a report—“Indicators of School Crime and Safety: 2010”—indicating that 145,100 public school teachers had been physically attacked by students at their schools in the course of a single school year and that another 276,700 public school teachers had been threatened with injury by a student in that school year.

Keep in mind that it’s not 6-year-olds who are doing the shooting and it’s generally not 6-year-olds who are attacking teachers – it’s teenage thugs.  Think about the size of the kids on the football team compared to a 5′ 4″ out-of-shape female teacher and you get an idea of the how easy it would be to take the gun away from a teacher.  In Newtown, ALL the teachers were females.  Some of our elementary and high schools are populated by violent thugs.  Do you really want one of those violent thugs to have access to loaded guns inside a school?

The idea of an armed police/security officer doesn’t really comfort me much.  Schools are large and a person can only be in one place at a time.  An awful lot of damage could be done by the time the officer arrived and even then what you might have is a standoff with a classroom full of students.

A sort of precedent exists in that schools are equipped with fire extinguishers and school personnel are expected to use them in an emergency.  So equipping schools with weapons to be used in case of an emergency is not necessarily an unreasonable concept.  Airlines keep oxygen on board and personnel are trained in it’s use.  We teach employees CPR.

What about this approach?  Equip every classroom and office with a biometric gun safe  containing a specific type of pistol and train school personnel in the use of the weapon.  In that case if a teacher became aware of an event which was potentially dangerous to her students, she could either usher the students to safety if it were possible or she could defend herself and her students if it were necessary?

victoriaVictoria Soto gave her life in an attempt to protect her “angels”

Relatives say they were told she hurried the kids she called her “angels” into a closet behind her and tried to shield them from the bullets.

Some of the children in her class managed to survive the slaughter. Many did not.

If she had had access to a weapon, there is no doubt in my mind she would have done what was necessary to save those “angels” and maybe, in the process, saved herself.



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