I’ll answer your question Mr. President

On Monday, May 13 President Obama asked a rhetorical question: “Who executes some sort of cover-up or effort to tamp things down for three days? So the whole thing defies logic.”  while being questioned in regard to the cover-up of the Benghazi debacle.  Actually, he asked the question and followed it with a statement.  I’m going to answer the question and comment on the statement.

““Who executes some sort of cover-up or effort to tamp things down for three days?”

pedantThe answer is: A pompous, incompetent, narcissist who believes that the uninformed American public will take as gospel absolutely anything said by him or his minions.   A pompous narcissist who would be outraged that anyone would dare to question him.  A professional politician who would put his own re-election ahead of justice for those who were murdered because of his incompetence.  A pedant who insists that his followers believe whatever his pronouncements.  A coward who would gladly ruin the careers of others rather than damage his prospects for re-election.   Does that answer your question sir?

I also have a comment about the statement “So the whole thing defies logic.”  Its true that creating a cover-up which which would last only a few days would defy logic.  But, the cover-up was not meant to last only three days Mr. President – it was meant as the last word on the subject.  Unfortunately, for you, the act of trying to cover the incompetence of your State Department was so egregious that your own State Department employees and members of our Military were outraged and brave enough to come forward with the truth.  Now, instead of taking responsibility for your incompetence and the incompetence of your appointees, you are focused on discrediting those who dare to shine the light of truth on your incompetence.

You must remember Mr. President that you were busy campaigning for a second term and the exposure of the incompetence of your State Department would have reflected poorly on you in your bid for re-election.  It would also reflect poorly on Mrs. Clinton who, as we all know, was chosen by you and who is/was the presumptive candidate for your job in the next Presidential election.

Now, Mr. President, I have a couple questions for you.  Where is your outrage over the savage killing of an American Ambassador?  Where is the sure and swift justice for the victims of your incompetence?  Why are you focusing on the cover-up of your incompetence instead of finding and killing the maniacal Muslim extremists responsible for the unprovoked murder of a U.S. Ambassador and the heroes who tried to save him in spite of your order to stand down?

I take full responsibility for my own opinions, comments and slurs against asshats.  I'm just another guy with just another opinion. Although, I may be turning into my father who my mother always said was 'the world's foremost authority."

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