The Great Escape

President Obama seems to have created a conundrum from which there is no escape regarding his intention to militarily strike Syria.

The majorities of Congress, the American public and the rest of the world are against the strike.

However, since Obama has clearly drawn his “red line” and clearly announced that Assad has defiantly crossed it, America’s reputation is on the line if he doesn’t strike.  If we make such a statement and then don’t follow through with the promised action, what will Iran, North Korea and every other dictatorship on the planet do when he threatens them?  Laugh in his (America’s) face.

Obama is scheduled to speak to the nation on this subject next Tuesday night.  The conventional thinking is that he will try to sell the nation on the strike.  I don’t think so.  Congress almost certainly will not approve.  Although he claims to have the authority to strike without Congressional approval I don’t think he will.  I think his speech will go something like this:

Two weeks ago I was presented with compelling, though circumstantial, evidence that the government forces of Syria had used poison gas on their own people.  They crossed the “red line” I warned them not to cross.  I immediately called for a punitive strike to degrade their capabilities while, at the same time, showing them we were not to be taken lightly and would not tolerate the use of weapons of mass destruction.  I sought Congressional approval for the planned strike even though as Commander in Chief I have the authority to act without it.  I sought approval and support from our allies.

Since then, it has come to my attention through very careful and detailed analysis of the data supporting the evidence, that the evidence does not meet the standard that I have set for such action.  Accordingly, I am ordering our military to stand down.  I have today accepted the resignation of some unimportant stooge in one of the intelligence services.  As I mentioned earlier, I have the authority as Commander-in-chief to strike without the approval of Congress but unlike my predecessor I am unwilling to commit American lives and treasure without indisputable evidence.  I am today retracting my request for Congressional approval of the strike as it is no longer imminent.  The “red line” is still there and if and when credible, indisputable evidence is presented to me that Syria has crossed the “red line”, or any other tinpot dictatorship has crossed any other “red line” I define,  I will call for a strike.  Let there be no mistake about this.  America will not stand idly by while brutal dictators murder innocent citizens.  EVAR!

What this will accomplish is the following:

  • He will be seen (by those who matter to him) as wise,  judicious and fair rather than a rash incompetent.
  • The public will be reminded that George Bush never found the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.
  • The public will be told that while George Bush jumped to incorrect conclusions, based upon inconclusive evidence, and started a war, that he is much wiser and has learned from the “mistakes” of the previous Administration.
  • Congress will not vote on the strike and consequently will not embarrass Obama by denying it’s approval.
  • Obama will not turn into a lame duck overnight as a result of being rebuffed by a bi-partisan Congress.
  • Russia will trumpet again their “proof” that Assad did not use the weapons.  That will matter not at all in America, and very little elsewhere.
  • He won’t have to send back his Nobel Peace Prize.
  • He will be able to pretend that he is the Great Statesman he thinks he is.
  • His supporters will think him the wisest and most judicious man ever to walk the earth.

I’m not predicting the above to be word-for-word or even his exact plan, but I am predicting whatever he speaks of Tuesday evening will sound something like it.

UPDATE  September 10, 2013

Here it comes:

The Way Out.

Reid postpones the vote.

Weasel words.

The real boss says NO!

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