The sky is falling – or not

Henny_pennyThose of us “of a certain age” grew up with knowledge of classic fables.  There was always a moral to the story, and I loved learning them.  Those lessons have stuck with me over the years mostly because they rely on archetypes (in the Jungian sense).  One of the fables I remember is Chicken Little.  The moral I took from the story was not to believe everything I was told.  I prefer to look into things rather than blindly accept them.

However, what I intend to focus on in this post is the  fear-mongering and reliance on a higher power.  Everyone pays attention to the “Chicken Littles” because we are programmed to be alert to danger.  I get that.  What I don’t get is the immediate reliance upon the King to fix things.  Why not take shelter yourself instead of running to the King for aid?  I don’t get that – but then I’m a Conservative and that’s what we do.

And that brings me to the real point of the post.  Fear-mongering.  The incessant fear-mongering we are subjected to by Big Media is purely self-serving.  They’re not interested in warning us about anything, they are interested in ratings which translate to dollars.  There are two major beneficiaries of this incessant barrage of fear-mongering: Big Media and Big Government.  The Big Media because of the money it generates and Big Government because of the reliance on it generated by the fear and the power it wields as a result.

Consider that our Government has grown exponentially ever since the Roosevelt years.  Why?  To handle “problems.”  Most of these so-called “problems” are transitory, but the Big Government “solutions” are not – they are permanent.  Sometimes the “solution” actually perpetuates the “problem.”  Consequently Big Government gets bigger and bigger and in the process gains more control over our everyday lives.

By the time we realize the size and true nature of the Departments established to handle the “problems” it is too late.  They rarely go away.  What they do is redefine their mission in order to continue their existence.

AlgoretestifyingRecently, considerable doubt has been cast on science supporting the Global Warming issue.  It is possible that the entire issue is a crisis without a case.  But, the “solution” established by Big Government won’t be going away for a long time.  Those who benefit by the “solution” will fight tooth and nail in order to continue to benefit.  I don’t know if Al Gore is the “father” of Global Warming, but he has benefited personally in a very big way due to the publicity he garners preaching the story and writing books about Global Warming.  While he continues to harp about corporate jets and their carbon footprints, he is personally the King Kong of carbon footprints.  Do you think if it turns out all his “The sky is falling” rhetoric is based on fallacious science that he will shut up?  Of course not.  He will fight harder to maintain the illusion because he benefits personally from it.  Do you think the Environmental Protection Agency, the Global Change Research Information Office, Energy Emissions Data & Environmental Analysis of Energy Data, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration – Climate or the Department of Energy will be shutting down anytime soon?  Trimming their staffs (all of whom no doubt vote for the politicians who promise to keep them employed)?

Personally, I don’t know if Global Warming (re-named in Orwellian fashion to “Climate Change”) is a real issue or not.  What I do know is the the fear-mongering related to it has created a number of enormous bureaucracies all dedicated to the eradication of a problem that may not exist.  Then there’s the money spent by government to fund private industries (some of which have failed spectacularly leaving no hope for repayment) dedicated to fighting the problem.  And I’m not talking only about alternative energy companies – you and I pay dearly for this every day in the form of increased fuel prices, increased product prices, increased food prices, etc.  The list goes on and on.  The point is the entire thing is fueled by Big Media fear-mongering and a very greedy Big Government.


I leave you with one last illustration.  Weather reporting.  Here in Texas, we sometimes experience tornadoes.  Tornadoes can be destructive and sometimes deadly.  Warning us of the potential tornado activity in the area in which we live  is an important public service.  Warning us of potential tornado activity 200 miles away?  Not so much.  Breaking into normally scheduled radio and tv broadcasts every five minutes?  Completely unnecessary.  Fear-mongering?  Absolutely.  The next time it happens, count the number of times the phrase “stay tuned for more updates” is uttered.  Radio and TV advertising rates are based upon the number of viewers/listeners they have at a given time of the day – the more listeners/viewers, the more money.  What “stay tuned” really means is “help us charge more for our advertising.”

I take full responsibility for my own opinions, comments and slurs against asshats.  I'm just another guy with just another opinion. Although, I may be turning into my father who my mother always said was 'the world's foremost authority."

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