Stupid actions have serious consequences.

The iCloud accounts of a number of female celebrities have been compromised.  This resulted in a torrent of naked celebrity photos distributed on the net.

I am not, in any way, defending the stupid bimbos who saved naked photos of themselves on iCloud.

Some of the bimbos are whining about their “privacy” being invaded.  They are outraged.   The fact is, the publicity will probably benefit their celebrity – the lifeblood of many of their careers.

Now it sounds like Apple is attempting to shift the blame for the invasion of their system onto the backs of the “victims” by claiming that their security questions were too easy and thereby enabled the hackers to gain access. Not so fast there Apple:

Combine that with a key now-fixed flaw in Apple’s system — which allowed users of the “Find My iPhone” feature to attempt an unlimited number of password combinations without ever being locked out — and most iCloud users, celeb or not, were sitting ducks.

It appears as though compromising iCloud has been a growing industry for some time.  Apple had to know this.  What steps have they taken to thwart the vulnerability?  Here is a link to one easily available program for grabbing everything from your iCloud accounts in minutes.  If you’re a celebrity, that probably means the contact information for other celebrities (and maybe some uncomfortable associations) – potentially thousands and thousands.

And following is one germane comment related to the link above.

The older set may not be used to having a camera all the time, but us that are under 25 have always had as one and also went through our own personal sexual revolution with one in our hand. Nude selfies and home made pornos are the norm for our generation. We share and trade these with our friends and with our dating partners. That there are in the cloud isn’t only expected – it is necessary. That’s the reason for the rise of Instagram and Snapchat. Facebook is like a conservative backwater where IG and SC let us hang it all out.

Now it turns out that some of the stolen photos may have been taken while some of the celebrities were minors.  At least one of them needs a new attorney – the one she has now has admitted the photos are child pornography.   According to the Department of Justice, taking, storing, distributing or possessing such photos is defined as child pornography and is therefore illegal.  Illegal for the person who took the photo, illegal for the person who received the photo and illegal for the organization which stored the photo.

Prosecution of child pornographers is very popular these days. And, it is not at all unusual for the person prosecuted to be the minor, or the minor’s paramour, whose photo is the subject of the prosecution. I wonder (read “doubt”) if any of the celebrities who were minors at the time they thought it would be cute/funny/cool to store compromising photos of themselves will be vigorously prosecuted.  What about Apple? Will they be prosecuted for storing the photos? Has Apple closed the accounts of those celebrities who have now identified themselves as perpetrators  because they may have been storing child pornography?   They claim their privacy has been invaded. Not according to the DOJ page linked above – the very first sentence states that child pornography images are not protected under First Amendment rights.


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